Sports Utility Vehicles: They aren't going away

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Wed Nov 27 08:05:08 MST 2002

The post, Death to the S.U.V.!, set forth by Louis -- and based on a NYT
review -- either has to be deliberate provocation to that great sweep of
national turf that starts just west of New York City and stops [maybe] at
the borders of L.A. and San Francisco, or jest. Still, knowing the NYT on
some issues, it's probably simple ignorance.

In any case, not only most of the country -- but much of the workingclass --
happens to like SUVs.  And for damn good reason:  the usual city-type
vehicle, unlike those of much earlier epochs [such as the Model A  and some
years beyond], could never navigate off-road.Too low, too flimsy, limited
power.  If you're into anything "outdoor" in nature -- hunting, fishing,
hiking and exploring -- or even living in heavier snow country -- any of
these  4WD vehicles are critically necessary.  If you're strictly a
big-urban bird, well, that may be something else again -- and, if you can
get enough of a following, you might be able to try to ban SUVs in your
bailiwick, along with guns and cigarettes and lewd magazines.

For our part, up here on the far edge in Idaho, our Jeep Cherokee with 4WD,
takes care of our family very nicely.  We can pack at least five in the
seats, one in the back with our week's supply of groceries, and there's
little road turf -- paved, unpaved, super-rough -- that we can't handle.
It's never bogged down in snow at any point.

And my grandson continues to love his Jeep Cherokee -- more venerable than
ours but surviving very nicely.  I'm not going to have to drive down into
town any longer to bring him home on snowy nights.

To the NYT, I say:  try getting SUVs and comparable pickups [and guns] away
from we Indians.  Just try.

But I'm not particularly concerned.  I don't think most of the country gives
a damn about the Times' vehicular recommendations -- and never will.

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