Sports Utility Vehicles: They aren't going away

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Wed Nov 27 08:11:23 MST 2002


The issue of people who live "in the sticks" is a separate one. SUVs
*do* have some utility if you go off-road, or you're an outdoorsperson,
or if you live in rural areas.

But the majority, probably the vast majority, of SUV-owners live in
urban centers, and wouldn't DARE take their $35,000 vehicle off-road,
lest it get scratched. They get these cars because they can afford
them, they're comfortable, they're "safe", and they're a status symbol.
You've got hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who are
driving these 8-gallon-to-the-mile behemoths without any good reason,
and (excuse my bluntness) are fucking up the environment royally just
because they *can*.


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