Sports Utility Vehicles: They aren't going away

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Wed Nov 27 08:48:09 MST 2002

--- Hunter Gray <hunterbadbear at> wrote:
> Sorry, Adam, I don't buy the concept of sweeping prohibition because
> of
> some concerns in NYC or even a few other Eastern cities.  And try
> relating
> to the workingclass -- anywhere -- via banning SUVs [or guns.]  Bill
> Clinton
> tried that one.

Not just Eastern cities, west coast too. Probably most, if not all, US
urban centers. (And gobbling up gas while belching out smoke is hardly
just an urban concern.)

But in any event...I'm not one for bourgeois prohibition. That doesn't
strike me as the way to go, either. But I don't think Louis is arguing
for that, any more than he's arguing for the US government to shut down
Domino's Pizza (see "Death to Domino's Pizza" post). But I do think
it's hard to deny the effect of the "SUV phenomenon" is generally
negative, despite their uses for people who live in rural areas. (Think
about it--when was the last time you saw a BMW X5 go off-road? The only
BMWs I know that go offroad are two-wheeled--and those get 50 mpg.)

The trick is to find a socialist, working-class way of dealing with the
problem that recognizes the need for SUVs in some areas and the harm
that they pose if used in large numbers.


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