Statistics don't lie - time for Trotskyists to eat humble pie.

mattd mattd at
Wed Nov 27 09:10:31 MST 2002

Woo-hoo!  Revolutionary Worker Online is 133,755.  I guess this means
the RCP-USA will actually form the core of the leadership of the nucleus
of the vanguard of the active fraction of the most oppressed section of
the non-bourgeoisified part of the working class.  Take that, you Trot
devils! :-)

-- Matt D.
   Formerly of the RCYB (but no horror stories, I'm afraid)

P.S. Regards to all I haven't spoken to in so long.  Hope all is well.

P.P.S.  In the RCYB we were all supposed to have "street names" for use
in political actions.  I am TERRIBLE with names (and faces, for that
matter) and could never remember which was someone's street name, and
which their real name.  This was especially problematic when calling
high school students (who like all self-respecting teens would rather
die than tell their parents anything, including their street names) as
well as folks whose roommates hadn't been hipped to their nommes de
guerre.  I made it easy on everyone and just chose the name "Matt" --
which, of course, is my real name.

P.P.P.S. More-or-less accurate example of a real conversation: "Hi, is
Scott there?"  "Who?"  "Scott.  This is Matt, from the bookstore."  "Uh,
no one named Scott lives here.  What bookstore?"  "Oh, I'm sorry, I
meant Mike."  "What?"  "Uhh ... Paul?"  "Who is this?"  "Sorry, I must
have the wrong number."  Then I'd have to call the bookstore: "Hey,
what's the name of this guy I'm supposed to call? ... No, the other name
...  Wait, what's the goddamn phone number again?"

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