David North's World Socialist Website -- still spreading the cop-baiting slanders

LouPaulsen at attbi.com LouPaulsen at attbi.com
Wed Nov 27 09:18:38 MST 2002

> I wouldn't put much store in this outfit myself, but their website is
> formidable--especially the film reviews. A new website www.alexa.com,
> which rates other websites, puts www.wsws.org at 16,619. By comparison,
> Counterpunch is at 10,722 and FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)
> is at 32,781.

This is a ranking by number of hits, I take it?  Their hits are largely
produced by Yahoo links.  Somehow, WSWS has pulled off a remarkable coup by
convincing Yahoo that it is the official representative of world socialist
opinion.  Thus, if you read news stories on Yahoo, and look at the list of
related stories, there will very often be a link to a story on the WSWS.
There will never be a link to a story at www.workers.org.  I agree that the
WSWS articles are often pretty good.

Lou Paulsen

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