Duluth, Minn. Central Labor Council takes antiwar stand

Derek S. derektheredrebel at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 27 09:31:57 MST 2002

>  On Thursday, November 14 the Duluth Central Labor
> Body, which
>  represents all 15,000 AFL-CIO union members in the
> region, voted
>  unanimously to pass the anti-war resolution below:

I'm living up around Duluth right now, and meant to
post this before (the fierce coldness has a draining
effect on my memory...). The anti-war sentiment up
around here is surprisingly strong-- we have Students
Against War (SAW) groups forming in small towns, all
across the region. I've been to a few of these small
towns to meet up with highschoolers who heard about
SAW or came to an event, and want to join the network
and form a local coalition. It's pretty crazy: in the
smallest, working class, most conservative towns of
only a thousand or two, there'll be a couple dozen
highschool students (probably a few percentage points
of the town population) who spontaeously come together
to organize against the war. It's inspiring for me.
This type of sentiment and organiztion hasn't really
been seen around the smaller parts of this region, so
this is a first.

We have a region-wide demonstration on Jan. 25th in
Duluth. The guy I consider to be the main leader of
the anti-war work around here (Adam Ritscher) is part
of HERE Local 99, and played a big role in getting the
CLB to pass the resolution above. We're going to try
to get them to endorse the Jan. 25th rally next.


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