The kind of antiwar movement we need

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Wed Nov 27 09:41:16 MST 2002

Quoting Louis Proyect <lnp3 at>:
> I assume that the CPB referred to above is the Communist Party. If this
> is the case, then it certainly should make us think twice about facile
> characterizations of "Stalinism" and the Labor Party as dead-end
> obstacles to the creation of a revolutionary movement, shouldn't it?
Why? The involvement of the CPB/revisionist CPGB in the 'peace movement'
is of extremely longstanding - equally longstanding is the rotten
politics of this movement: pacifism, anti-Americanism, appeals to the
common sense of the ruling class, token stunts by celebrities - in short
anything except working class anti-imperialism. The STCW aims that Louis
posted earlier demonstrate exactly this point - the STW mentions only
war by the US and not action by the UN or sanctions (as the European
imperialists want) and concentrate on the dangers of a war to the interests
of bourgeoisie such as destabilising the world economy. Given the choice I
would prefer ANSWER or NION.

N.B. Your correspondent also neglects to mention that the SWP is the main force
in the STCW.

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