The CPB and the Left Labourites - a dying sect or the beginnings of something new?

Alec Grange alec.grange at
Wed Nov 27 10:02:21 MST 2002

Fascinating topic this one.

Two points:

(1) the CPB is not affiliated or associated with the Labour Party in any
shape or form. Given the current leadership of the Labour Party any
affiliation of the CPB is as about as unlikely as a banana peeling itself!

(2) the Fire Brigades Union is still affiliated to the Labour Party
see:, though of course given the
current dispute who knows what might happen.

The CPB are is but a shadow of the once well known CPGB, it has become
another sectarian we are right group, it has little influence upon
events if any. The Morning Star has a tiny circulation, and yes although
it is available in newsagents one never notices a rush to buy, copies
generally remain unsold subsidized by a dedicated few.  I think perhaps
you are attributing too much to the CPB an organization which 99.9% of
the population in the UK would not have heard of.

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