The kind of antiwar movement we need

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Wed Nov 27 10:29:31 MST 2002

Quoting Louis Proyect <lnp3 at>:
> Wow! I guess David Welch's honeymoon with the CPGB is over.
You misunderstand: the CPGB I referred to as revisionist was
dissolved in 1991 - of course it has since been refounded on
a revolutionary basis. The CPB split from the original CPGB in
the early 1980s over a bureacratic dispute on control of the party
daily (the Morning Star) but without making any political break.

> In any case, if anti-Americanism is rotten, call me Louis Rotten.
It might seem like a very radical stand from across the Atlantic but
the practical effect here is to alibi British imperialism - if the
problem is the US exclusively then the only response can be to
appeal to 'our' ruling class to pursue an independent or opposing
course. In reality the British bourgeoisie don't need any encourgement
to pursue its own interests - as the bloody record of British wars and
colonialism, continuing after the US become the dominant imperialist and
up to the present day, demonstrate.

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