The kind of antiwar movement we need

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Wed Nov 27 10:58:26 MST 2002

welch at wrote:
> It might seem like a very radical stand from across the Atlantic but
> the practical effect here is to alibi British imperialism - if the
> problem is the US exclusively then the only response can be to
> appeal to 'our' ruling class to pursue an independent or opposing
> course. In reality the British bourgeoisie don't need any encourgement
> to pursue its own interests - as the bloody record of British wars and
> colonialism, continuing after the US become the dominant imperialist and
> up to the present day, demonstrate.

btw, the last time I heard this nonsense about "anti-American" antiwar
protests was from our friends in the American SWP. What garbage.


Anti-American nationalism

Robert Crow, general secretary of the rail workers union, spoke against
this position. He backed a resolution that opposed Washington’s proposed
national missile defense in the name of "British security," and called
for support for a motion against "the proposed military attack by the
USA on Iraq."

Prominent speakers at the large antiwar demonstration held September 28
in London voiced similar nationalist and anti-American sentiments.

One speaker, Labour member of Parliament (MP) George Galloway declared
that "Britons do not want war." Former MP Anthony Benn, a prominent
voice of Labour’s left wing, said, "Nothing can take the British people
into a war that they do not accept and do not want."



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