"Anti-Americanism" here and in Britain

loupaulsen at attbi.com loupaulsen at attbi.com
Wed Nov 27 11:13:52 MST 2002

Louis Proyect wrote:

> btw, the last time I heard this nonsense about "anti-American" antiwar
> protests was from our friends in the American SWP. What garbage.

Wait a minute, Louis, I can see he might have a point -from a British
perspective-.  I can see where if someone spoke at an antiwar demonstration
and ONLY condemned Bush, and never mentioned Blair, a British communist would
criticize this as inadequate.  Similarly, if U.S. leftists got up a
demonstration about Palestine that was -only- "anti-Israeli" and never
attacked the U.S. government or U.S. imperialism, you (I expect) and I would
criticize this approach.

I do agree that it is odd for the SWP-US to make an issue of this sort of
thing, but when British communists put their own imperialism on the spot
first, they are doing the right thing in their own situation, no?

Lou Paulsen

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