"Anti-Americanism" here and in Britain

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Wed Nov 27 11:20:33 MST 2002

loupaulsen at attbi.com wrote:
> Wait a minute, Louis, I can see he might have a point -from a British
> perspective-.  I can see where if someone spoke at an antiwar demonstration
> and ONLY condemned Bush, and never mentioned Blair, a British communist would
> criticize this as inadequate.

Go check out their website at: http://www.stopwar.org.uk/. All antiwar
organizers, especially you folks, could learn something about how to put
together a representative speakers list. These are excerpts from
speeches given at the big London rally they organized. If you can find a
shred of support for Blair, I'll eat Ramsey Clark's underwear.


“We represent the overwhelming majority round the world. We are not a
‘protest movement’. It may be that Bush will go to war in a matter of
weeks. It may be that prime minister Blair will send troops into battle.
But nothing can take the British people into a war they don’t accept and
don’t want. If the war begins it is our plain duty to take time out at
once to see everybody understands what has happened, and mobilise
against the war. There is a good chance of stopping Britain going to war
if we carry on organising in this brilliant way.” - Tony Benn

“Five years ago we heard about an ethical foreign policy. Well, that
didn’t last long. They are not concerned about human rights. They are
concerned about oil. People voted for their government to represent
their interests, not to simply be a reflection of the White House. I
will do all I can to oppose this war.” - Ken Livingstone

“Today is the beginning of true democracy. Today we represent the
majority of the British people. If they attack Iraq, Bush and Blair will
be war criminals. We are the moderates. They are the extremists. Our
resistance to their murderous plans must be unrelenting.” - John Pilger

“We have sent a magnificent message to Tony Blair today that British
people are saying no to war and no to the gang of oil spivs who occupy
the White House. If war goes ahead it will be a war for oil. It will
lead to the Bush doctrine taking over elsewhere. Bush has a list of
other countries – Syria, Iran, North Korea – and he is willing to use
nuclear weapons. If Russia and China compromise over a United Nations
resolution, then we still have to say no to war. I have been a lifelong
Labour Party member and I am deeply ashamed at its leaders who believe
that their first duty is to Bush.” - Alice Mahon MP

“If there are public funds for war, there are funds to keep the Post
Office public and to pay the firefighters. The US government says it
wants full spectrum dominance. That means domination of all the peoples
of the world. Today for the first time in many years trade unionists are
showing they are right behind the anti-war movement.” - Billy Hayes

“The RMT has got no gripe with Iraqi workers. We don’t want war. How can
people go to bed at night when people are starving in Iraq? They want a
war while people are starving in Africa. The media are presenting trade
unionists who take action over pay and conditions as the enemy within. I
think the enemies within are Blair and Bush. This is the message of the
people: No war on Iraq – let’s have a war on poverty!” - Bob Crow

“The number one issue in the world today is the suffering of the
Palestinian people. We as a trade union are in solidarity with working
men and women across the world, which includes those in Iraq. The US
wants to show the UN who is boss. The US wants to develop and deploy its
own weapons. Oil is at the heart of this issue. Our message should be:
stop kneeling to George Bush.” - Barry Camfield

“Nothing can justify the assassination of the Palestinian people. Bush
and Blair’s silence is encouraging Sharon to do whatever he wants. The
only threat to this world is George Bush. The US has a long list of
invading other people’s countries. There is no hiding place, Tony. We
have had a gutful of collateral damage in Afghanistan. Bush bleats about
regime change. I would like to see one in Number Ten.” - Yvonne Ridley


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