The kind of antiwar movement we need

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Wed Nov 27 11:23:28 MST 2002

Louis Proyect wrote:

> welch at wrote:
> > It might seem like a very radical stand from across the Atlantic but
> > the practical effect here is to alibi British imperialism - if the
> > problem is the US exclusively then the only response can be to
> > appeal to 'our' ruling class to pursue an independent or opposing
> > course. In reality the British bourgeoisie don't need any encourgement
> > to pursue its own interests - as the bloody record of British wars and
> > colonialism, continuing after the US become the dominant imperialist and
> > up to the present day, demonstrate.
> btw, the last time I heard this nonsense about "anti-American" antiwar
> protests was from our friends in the American SWP. What garbage.


please realize that thinks look a bit different from the other side of the
Atlantic. Everyone has to attack his own ruling class. So you are right to
call the Militant article garbage.

But here in Europe we have to stress the fact that our governments are in no
way principled anti-imperialists when they are oposing certain aspects of
US-policy towards Iraq. In this respect I fully agree with David (I just
have to replace British with German).

In Munich we are facing a situation where Nazis can join an ATTAC anti-war
demonstration without meeting decisive resistance from the organizers.

(For those who can read German here is a link to a report from the radical
daily junge welt about the incident:
Discussion on German indymedia )


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