Sports Utility Vehicles: They aren't going away

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Nov 27 11:27:19 MST 2002

Hunter Gray wrote:
> I paid $22,000 for my '98 Jeep Cherokee  [in October, '97], get about 22
> miles to the gallon even in up-hill stuff, haven't seen a wisp of "belching
> smoke."

Hunter, we need much more than this kind of observation in order to
judge whether SUV's are a menace to society. According to the Sierra
Club, SUV's produce 43 percent more global-warming pollution and 47
percent more air pollution than the average car.


Nobody has any plans to take your SUV away from you under capitalism.
But under socialism, society might decide that such vehicles have to be
abolished. I am sure you will abide by majority rule when that time comes.


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