"Anti-Americanism" here and in Britain

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Wed Nov 27 11:32:34 MST 2002

> loupaulsen at attbi.com wrote:
> >
> > Wait a minute, Louis, I can see he might have a point -from a British
> > perspective-.  I can see where if someone spoke at an
> > antiwar demonstration
> > and ONLY condemned Bush, and never mentioned Blair,
> > a British communist would
> > criticize this as inadequate.

> Go check out their website at: http://www.stopwar.org.uk/. All antiwar
> organizers, especially you folks, could learn something about how to put
> together a representative speakers list. These are excerpts from
> speeches given at the big London rally they organized. If you can find a
> shred of support for Blair, I'll eat Ramsey Clark's underwear.

OK, just to clarify, I am not alleging that there was actually any support for
Blair by the coalition.  I was only saying that it would be a material
question for British communists what attitude was in fact taken toward Blair
at an anti-war rally in England.  Perhaps I misunderstood what you intended by
your brief earlier remarks.

Lou Paulsen

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