Sports Utility Vehicles: They aren't going away

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Wed Nov 27 11:39:28 MST 2002

Don't ever assume, Louis, that you'll ever have a majority on SUV banning --
or, that others [not necessarily yourself], will have a majority on, say,
gun-banning or tobacco-banning.  And, if such a majority did exist on issues
of that sort, that would be a very far cry from the kind of socialism I'm
interesting in seeing.  Rabbit hutches and corrals and sanctimonious
managers have never been my idea of the good society -- whatever the labels
and rationales might be. I'd certainly oppose any arrangement like those
with every resource I could muster.  As far as the Sierra Club is concerned,
most of its contributors  and members are urban yuppies whose basic
awareness of the things we and a multitude of others deal with daily is --

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