The CPB and the Left Labourites - a dying sect or the beginnings of something new?

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Wed Nov 27 11:43:02 MST 2002

There is much that is risible in this posting. Some of this has been
answered by others but what universe does the writer live in, when he
can say this: " It has regular contributors who would be viewed by most
people as the leaders of the left in Britain e.g. Tony Benn, George
Galloway and Ken Livingstone (now mayor of London)"

This is truly absurd.
1. Tony Benn may still be able to speak at huge meetings but his
influence is zero.
2. George Galloway can only be deemed on the left in the loosest sense
and like Benn is not the leader of anything.
3. Others may disagree but I've always thought Livingstone was a pure
opportunist... Be that as it may, he ceased being on the left in any
meaningful sense 20 years ago. Again he doesn't lead anything.
4. " most people..." You must be joking. None of these people impinge on
the consciousness of the working class in any progressive sense.
Livingstone will have an effect on the working class by the introduction
of the London congestion charge. This is a £5 per day charge you will
have to pay if you drive through central London from next year. Very
progressive, I don't think.
5. I don't believe you're actually serious with what you're saying. If
you are, you have a very strange relation to reality.


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