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I didn't see any mention of this in the article, but Humberto Belli
was the Minister of Education under Violeta Chamorro. Belli, a
Charismatic catholic with ties to Opus Dei, was infamous for
privatizing public schools, burning textbooks used in schools under
the Sandinistas and introducing catechism and Catholic morality into
public school classrooms.


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>Subject: Death to Domino's Pizza!
>Chronicle of Higher Education, November 29, 2002
>  From Baptist to Catholic
>A Nicaraguan college with Michigan connections makes a difficult
>transition to another faith
>San Marcos, Nicaragua
>Sitting stiffly in his air-conditioned office in this leafy Nicaraguan
>town, the president of Ave Maria College of the Americas chooses his
>words carefully -- and for good reason. His ardent speeches were partly
>to blame for the recent turmoil from which the Roman Catholic college is
>now emerging.
>"We were telling parents that this was going to be a jewel of
>Catholicism in Nicaragua, and didn't realize that some could have
>perceived that as a threat," recalls Humberto Belli, president of the
>college, which is affiliated with a college and a law school in Michigan
>that share the "Ave Maria" name. "We should have taken some more time to
>ease their concerns."

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