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Wed Nov 27 17:28:48 MST 2002

Ben C wrote:
> Lenin and the Bolshevik Party - A reply to Tony Cliff
> By Bruce Landau. 2002, 62pp, $5.95
> (This text, which I highly reccommend to follower's of Tony
> Cliff's ideas and critics alike for its thought-provoking
> exposition of Leninism and criticism of Tony Cliff's views, is
> also available on-line at

It's interesting how the Landau thing gets about.  We ran it in the
first issue of our theoretical journal back in 1997.

Landau, real name Bruce Levine, as far as I know is no longer
politically active, but teaches history at the University in California.
 He is also the author of a couple of pretty good books.  He was a main
writer on "Who built America?: working people and the nation's economy,
politics, culture, and society", a huge work done under the auspices of
the American Social History Project and published in several vols from
1989-1992.  Plus he's author of an interesting study of the effects of
left-wing German immigrants on the US labour movement pre-Civil War:
"The spirit of 1848: German immigrants, labor conflict, and the coming
of the Civil War."

Plus he has a book about slavery and the Civil War, "Half slave and half
free: the roots of Civil War", which I hope to read when I have a bit
more time early next year.

Philip Ferguson

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