The kind of antiwar movement we need

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Thu Nov 28 05:44:30 MST 2002

Johannes Schneider:
>I cannot say much about the London demonstration, but representative for the
>attitides in Germany is the 'European Call for Action against War on Iraq'
>drafted at the Brussels preparotary meeting
>"Those who show solidarity with the people of Iraq have no hearing in the
>White House. But we do have the chance to influence European Governments -
>many of whom have opposed the war. We call on all the European heads of
>state to publicly stand against this war whether it has UN backing or not,
>and to demand that George Bush abandon his war plans."

My suggestion to those on the left who want to avoid being tainted through
association with bourgeois politicians who utter such impure sentiments as
above is to build an anti-imperialist anti-war movement such as the kind
that many student ultraleftists in the USA urged in 1967-1971. On the other
hand, I would urge those who understand the need to draw ordinary working
people, especially trade unionists who have the power to stop the war
through direct action such as work stoppages, etc., to continue along with
a united front approach even if it means allowing a corner of our
revolutionary banner to touch the ground from time to time. The Vietnamese
used to tell us over and over that it was broad mass actions that were
required, not consciously anti-imperialist actions of a small enlightened
middle-class detachment. My guess is that a class-conscious Iraqi would
urge the same thing.

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