The kind of antiwar movement we need

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Thu Nov 28 06:04:31 MST 2002

Louis wrote:

> On the other
> hand, I would urge those who understand the need to draw ordinary working
> people, especially trade unionists who have the power to stop the war
> through direct action such as work stoppages, etc., to continue along with
> a united front approach

Does this mean we should join Schroeders SPD, white-wash German imperialism
and forget everything Karl Liebknecht has taught us where to find our enemy.

Given the anti-working class policies of the Schroeder government, I doubt
we will win many 'ordinary working people', considering the unpopularity of
his government.

It is exactly because of his unpopularity that Schroeder has to use
oooposition to the US in a demagogic way.


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