The kind of antiwar movement we need

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Nov 28 06:27:16 MST 2002

>Does this mean we should join Schroeders SPD, white-wash German imperialism
>and forget everything Karl Liebknecht has taught us where to find our enemy.

No, it means working to build demonstrations in a united front fashion.
This nonsense about Karl Liebknecht teaching us where to find our enemy is
exactly what made building a united front with the SP in Germany so
difficult after WWI. After all, it did have the blood of Liebknecht and
Luxemberg on its hands. But it was still the mass party of the working-class.

>Given the anti-working class policies of the Schroeder government, I doubt
>we will win many 'ordinary working people', considering the unpopularity of
>his government.
>It is exactly because of his unpopularity that Schroeder has to use
>oooposition to the US in a demagogic way.

You are confusing the struggle for socialism with the struggle to build a
single-issue mass movement. This confusion is endemic to the radical
movement apparently.

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