CHALLENGE bi-monthly leftist magazine focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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is a bi-monthly leftist magazine focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict within a global context. Published in Jaffa by Arabs and Jews, it
features political analysis, investigative reporting, interviews,
eye-witness reports, gender studies, arts, and more.

CHALLENGE had its start in the first Intifada, continued through the Oslo
process, and now it elucidates the turbulence following the collapse of
negotiations. For the last twelve years we have offered our readers an
uncompromising analysis of events. We pointed out the flaws of the
Madrid-Oslo process from its very beginning. We didn’t "fall into line"
during the rule of Labor (1992-1996), and we do not hold our tongues when
the Palestinian Authority violates human rights.

CHALLENGE is one of the very few sources in English focusing on the
problems of Arabs in Israel. We cover such issues as the plight of local
Arab workers amid the forces of globalization, the struggles of
unrecognized Arab villages, and land confiscation.

On the second Intifada: Challenge has taken a critical position. Although
we regard the Israeli Occupation as the basic reason for the havoc in the
Territories, we have also claimed consistently that the second Intifada
lacks a coherent goal or strategy. We see it as a power struggle between
the old and new guard of the PLO, with the Palestinian people as its
primary victim. Through its early months, we warned of the coming chaos.
Now we watch with horror as the violence escalates, both through the terror
of the state (Israel) and the individual terror of Palestinians.  The
fighting forces and the suicide bombers do not represent a progressive and
viable leadership for the future. Our analysis, critical of both sides, is
by no means easy to publish amid the bloodshed and cries for vengeance.

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