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MP The CPB is dead and cannot be revived. Here in
South Wales we have one of the most active branches of
this dying sect as well as Rob Griffiths the part time
GenSec. Its influence is nil among workers and its
public presence is also non existent. In terms of Anti
War work it is no where to be seen with not a single
member present on a recent demonstration in Cardiff.
The STWC being led by long time SWP members as is true
throughout the whole of Britain. Certainly the Morning
Star still has some influence but only among older
Trades Union bureaucrats. Given the number of former
CPGB members in Blairs government it is also quite
likely well read in Downing Street.

For those with an interest in facts, Tony Benn is
currently doing a speaking tour of Britain and from
every report I have heard it is extremely successful.
So much so that its success was covered on Channel 4
News.  They noted that he even packed auditoria in
staunchly conservative areas because there appears to
be something of a recognition even in these places
that the system has gone wrong. Tony Benn represents
everything that is upright  in mainstream British
politics. He stood down as a Labour MP 'to focus on
politics'. In my book he has more influence than any
other left leader.

MP Mr Wedgewood Benn has certainly enjoyed a
succesfull tour of this countrys theatres. All that
was lacking for it to be a decent vaudaville act was
Bettie Page doing the bump and grind. Benns tour was
in fact highly succesful but to see it as anything
other than a piece of showbiz is fancifull.

George Galloway  Most staunch opponent of nuclear
weapons and anti-imperialist. Not afraid to
get arrested, etc. No, he's not leader of any
micro-sect but that's the point. People have to stop
thinking in those terms just now.

MP George Galloway is a couragous individual in many
ways and not afraid to put himself on the line.
However he represents no current of opinion within the
workers movement in britain. This concentration on
highly placed individuals gets us nowhere. People have
to stop thinking in those terms just now.

Livingstone Perhaps he is, sometimes you have to be.
Left Populist is perhaps a better term. Again,
Livingstone doesn't have a sect of followers but
happened to be elected against the best efforts of the
New Labour Party heirarchy as  Mayor of London with an
army of canvassers. As such, he now speaks on behalf
of ten million.

MP Livingstone speaks on behalf of himself and no one
else. he has also had a pretty rotten relationship
with a couple of the sects you dislike. The first
being Gerry healys WRP in the days of the Labour
herald paper. More recently he hooked up with the
Socialist Action sectlet who acted as his gofers in
the Labour Party and prior to his gaining the
majoralty were amongst his closest advisors. Since
dumped in favour of Greens and union busters from the
USA of course. His army of canvassers is curious too
in that his campoaign was mostly media based and those
who ran it sought to demobilise those who comrades who
volunteered to canvass for him. But yes we agree he's
an opportunist.

I said it that way as I knew that some mad
ultraleftists would  challenge their left-wing
credentials. As I said it, it was right, they are
viewed by the common person as leading left wingers.
Ask the average Briton to name asocialist, they will
probably say Benn, Scargill or Livingstone and
then they start to think. In Scotland, they might
mention Sheridan but I would think Galloway might be
known by a few for his protests against Trident

MP The average briton?! Shit many of us refuse to
identify in that manner given the option. British
citizens we are, worst luck, but Scots, English, Welsh
and so on is increasingly how we see ourselves. And
ask this average person to name a leading socialist
and most would not be able to. The fact is that
outside the workers movement class consciousness has
been in decline for many years and the identities of
figures such as Benn, Galloway, Tommy Sheridan and
Paul Foot is unknown to most. That siad only the
latter two represent anything within the movement and
that becauise they belong to sects.

In defence of Livingstone, he is putting his head on
the line to impose a charge on all SUVs entering
London. Perhaps it's a little rough at the edges, but
London has a decent enough public transport system
compared to most other areas - working class people
can use this. All monies raised will go to Public
Transport. In my book that's pretty progressive -
besides, it can be improved with the lessons of time.
If people want to oppose congestion, pollution and its
effects on working class people living in the
centre of London, then you have to support what
Livingstone is doing (against all the big car/petrol

MP Not owning a car or living in London I'll not
comment in detail on this. yet it seems clear to me
that mny workers will be penalised by these charges.
Nor is Londons public transport system particularly
good or cheap. Better for genuine socialists to be in
opposition and in support of the workers on the Tube
who are in struggle. Londoners and workers elsewhere
need to see a massive increase in investment in
transport and that will not come from more or less
powerless local authorities so why pretend such
gimcrack solutions will work?

For Communism

Mike Pearn

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