The kind of antiwar movement we need

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On 09:22 28-11-2002 -0500, Richard Fidler wrote:

>I would imagine that something along the same lines in Germany - End German
>Complicity - would provide a means to raise associated demands around
>closing German bases and airports to the U.S. and allied military.

I agree with Richard's overall approach.

However I think in Europe the situation is actually "worse". Quite a few,
even on the left and definetely in the Labour movement, think that the
European Union could be a more "humane" or "civilized" alternative to US

The argument is to some extent linked to 'defending the welfare state'
against US style 'laissez faire on the social arena' (it's positive side).
But it also has links to a fairly strong current in the EU bourgeoisie who
want to build a much more independent EU imperialism. This is a much more
dangerous side since its (long term!) logical conclusion would be a US-EU
nuclear war.

So while I agree that the main argument has to be against US imperialism,
it would be fatal if we gave in to *any* arguments saying that EU
imperialism is more positive.

This is not necessarily an easy argument: One the one hand you have German
(government) opposition to the war and French hesitation - which is good.
But the motive for this opposition/hesitation is not only domestic
resistance to the war, but also considerations about long term EU interests.

It's quite obvious that this is a serious argument: In Germany and France
the anti-war movement is weak - partly because of a feeling that their own
government is (to some extent) against the war.


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