More gems from Churchill

Jacob Levich jlevich at
Thu Nov 28 10:36:22 MST 2002

Couple of comments:

>(India is) a godless land of snobs and bores.
>In a letter to his mother, 1896

Churchill must have been referring to the Raj here, not the Indians, and I
imagine he was right.

>I do not admit... that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of
>America, or the black people of Australia... by the fact that a stronger
>race, a higher grade race... has come in and taken its place.
>Churchill to Palestine Royal Commission, 1937

Note the context -- always interesting to see how clearly all parties saw
the parallels from the beginning. Churchill saw no need to argue that
Zionism would NOT lead inevitably to enslavement, expulsion and
extermination; it was sufficient to argue that this would be a good thing.


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