No war on Iraq! No blood for oil! -- What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #518 November 27, 2002

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             Green Left Weekly, Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #518
                             November 27, 2002

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: No war on Iraq! No blood for oil!

The looming US-led war on Iraq has nothing to do with eliminating
weapons of mass destruction, fighting terrorism or ending human rights
abuses by Iraq's President Saddam Hussein. These are cover for
Washington to achieve its long-term goal of the military and political
domination of the Middle East and central Asia. US imperialism's aim is
to gain untrammeled control the world's key sources of oil and gas.



 * IRAQ: No blood for oil!
 * UNITED STATES: Why Washington is hungry for oil


 * Where is the Socialist Alliance going?
 * Vote 1 Socialist Alliance


 * CANADA: Stop Greenpeace's union busting!
 * INDONESIA: State terrorism and the Bali bombings
 * EL SALVADOR: Mass movement defeats privatisation
 * ITALY: Firenze Assediata (Florence under siege)
 * SOUTH AFRICA: Activists pay tribute to `fugitive' John Pape
 * GERMANY: Nuclear waste train sparks protests
 * TURKEY: Why `Islamists' trounced the ruling parties
 * LEBANON: Israel threatens war over water
 * HONG KONG: Pro-democracy protesters defy rally ban


 * Iraqi asylum seekers offered `voluntary deportation'
 * Refugee working party shut down
 * Could the anti-WTO protests been bigger?
 * Support grows for campaign to save Ningaloo Reef
 * Howard keeps mum over Nile's racist call


 * Police intimidation fails to prevent anti-war action
 * Erskineville public housing estate saved
 * Ku-ring-gai residents protest inappropriate development
 * NSW police to get extra powers
 * Community lawyer challenges prison minister
 * Candidates speak out against war
 * Opposing Bracks' privatisation
 * Pressure grows to allow East Timorese to stay
 * Huge show of support for Timorese refugees
 * New Resistance Centre in western Sydney
 * Union solidarity committee holds first meeting
 * Members First challenges ALP in CPSU elections.
 * Feast Festival refugees' rights forum
 * National refugee summit 2003


 * David Irving: apologist for Nazism
 * Ritter takes on the lies they tell about Iraq
 * Alternative visions of September 11
 * Artists support anti-war rally
 * A story that must be told
 * The killing of Angelo Tsakos


 * Editorial: Crean and Carr's cop frenzy
 * Loose Cannons
 * Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly
 * and ain't i a woman?: US attacks reproductive rights
 * Chris Kelly cartoon


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