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Thu Nov 28 15:14:53 MST 2002

The following letter appears in today's (November 28) issue of Dawn, a
Pakistan daily newspaper. No date is given for the alleged interview. It did
not turn up on a quick search of the Fox News web site.

* * *

Lebanese envoy's interview

I Would like to share with Dawn readers the transcript of Lebanese
ambassador Farid Abboud's interview on the Fox News channel.

Fox: Mr ambassador, do you consider Hizbollah a terrorist organization?

Abboud: Yes, Sharon is a terrorist!

Fox: Mr ambassador, this was not my question. I asked you about the
operations of Hizbollah in the targeting and killing of innocent civilians.
How do you view Hizbollah?

Abboud: Yes, Sharon, the terrorist, has killed thousands upon thousands of
civilians. He is the biggest terrorist out there.

Fox: Mr ambassador. Please answer my question. Do you consider Hizbollah a
terrorist organization or not? Are you against the killing of innocent

Abboud: Of course I am against the killing of innocent civilians. You have
to define who the innocent civilians are. Sharon, the terrorist, has killed
many thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians; and he is continuing to
do so.

Fox: But what about Hizbollah? Are you telling us that Hizbollah never
killed any civilians or plotted to kill any innocent civilians?

Abboud: Hizbollah is a resistance movement. They have a place in the
Lebanese parliament and they are fighting for justice and for a good cause.
If there were innocent civilians hurt in the process, they are a casualty of
war. Hizbollah does not target civilians on purpose, unlike the war-monger,
Sharon, whose only targets have been civilians, including children.

Fox: Mr ambassador, does this mean you condone the suicide bombers?

Abboud: I do not condone the actions of the war criminal Sharon.

Fox interviewer: Mr ambassador, please stop evading my questions and answer
them directly! Do you condone the suicide bombers?

Abboud: I do not condone the killing of innocent civilians, but we have to
define who is an innocent civilian and who is not. If a Palestinian suicide
bomber kills a bunch of Israeli soldiers who are committing atrocities
against the defenceless Palestinian population, do you consider these
soldiers as innocent civilians?

Fox interviewer: Mr Abboud, do you recognize Israel's right to exist?

Abboud: Yes, I recognize Palestine's right to exist.

Fox interviewer (no words to describe his face): Mr ambassador. Please stop
this aversion in answering, and answer our specific questions. Do you
recognize Israel's right to exist or not?

Abboud: Israel already exists, sir. It does not need my recognition. It is
the recognition of Palestine to exist that should be addressed.

Fox: Mr ambassador, why are you so one-sided and biased in answering our

Abboud: Sir, it is you who is very one-sided and biased in your questioning.

Fox interviewer (totally at a loss of words): Mr Abboud, Lebanese ambassador
to the US, thank you, sir, for your time and the interview.


New York, USA

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