british antiwar movement

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu Nov 28 19:18:46 MST 2002

John O'Neill wrote:
> Phillip
> I think you are mistaken if you think that the SWP has the ability to
> mobilise the many thousands that are against the War. CND, the British peace
> movement, Islamic groups and the Mirror Newspaper (believe it or not) play a
> significant role. If any left force were that strong we would be looking at
> a completely different political landscape in the UK. The SWP may hold the
> lions share of positions on the STWC but  Ken Livingston and Tony Benn are
> still crowd pullers, have national profiles and retain the respect of the
> working class.

John, if you re-read what I wrote you'll find I never said that the SWP
mobilised the many thousands.  I said they initiated the SWTC and were
the overwhelmingly dominant force in it.  I was correcting someone who
seemed to think the CPB had a big hand in it.


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