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 From a webpage maintained by the American Life League, called the Pro-Life
Activists Encyclopedia.  I especially enjoy the quote from my boy, Bob A.  A
spectre is haunting Catholicism ...  Anyway, it's nice to know that not
everyone views the left as hopelessly divided.  (Also nice that they think
"Communism is superior and will eventually dominate the world.")

 -- Matt D.

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 "The whole system we live under is completely worthless, and no basic
change for the better can come about until this system is overthrown."

 - Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA.

 Communism, like capitalism, is merely an economic system, and the morality
and ethics of all economic systems are neutral and equal.  As a practical
matter, however, Communism is superior and will eventually dominate the

 The Means of Revolution.

 The Intermediate Goal.  Many if not all Left-wing organizations, including
some labor unions, abortion-rights groups, 'gay' liberation groups, 'peace
and justice' groups and others, have been shown to be heavily infiltrated or
 influenced by Marxist, Socialist, Trostkyite and Communist ideas, persons
and organizations.  All of these groups seem to work together in relative
harmony and solidarity.

 This is natural, since the primary goal of <all> of these groups is to
weaken the democratic system by emphasizing limitless individual rights over
collective rights in the targeted country (see Chapter 95 on Lenin's "Rules
for Revolution" for further details).

 Once the revolution has occurred, the situation is suddenly reversed;
individual rights are stripped away, and the interests of the State take
immediate and total precedence.

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