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Fri Nov 29 00:43:28 MST 2002

Truth squad alert:  The words of Khidhir Hamza, former head of Iraq's
nuclear weapons program [? or maybe he wasn't], in USA Today:

"Tariq Aziz, Iraq's deputy prime minister, has declared that the United
States intends to disarm Iraq first and attack it later. So there will be no
real disarmament. If the United States accepts the situation with
incremental demands for disarmament, then the game is over, and Saddam has

"If the United States refuses to accept an inconclusive or tepid inspection
report and goes into Iraq anyway, then all of the rogue states of the world
will take notice and mend their ways. "

He discusses all Saddam's tricky deceptions for hiding his weapons programs
and worries that Blix is a "gentleman inspector".  Full column at:

But actually, Hamza is apparently part of the Woolsey group who are the most
shameless liars and hoaxers on the subject of Iraq.

"So, who are you again Mr. Hamza?

"According to Scott Ritter, UNSCOM's most aggressive former weapons
inspector, who appeared on a July 31st edition of CNN's Crossfire, you are a

Full article on Khidhir Hamza at:

Note about the Woolsey group: a year ago they were heavily pushing the
now-discredited idea that Iraq was behind the mailed anthrax.  On one
occasion, they fed ABC a 'scoop' that the powder was proved to be from Iraq
because it contained the mineral montmorillionite, which is found in Iraq.
[And every other country in the world, it's a common form of clay and is
also known as "Kitty Litter".]

Lou Paulsen

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