Karl Marx Legacy Conference --- May 2003 in Havana

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International conference Karl Marx's Legacy and
Challenges of the 21st Century Dates: 5-7 May 2003
Place: Salones de la Central de Trabajadores de Cuba,
La Habana, Cuba Organized by: Instituto de Filosofia
del Ministerio de Ciencia, Technologia y Medio Ambiente
de Cuba Official languages: Spanish and English 120
years after Marx's death, his work still constitutes a
valuable treasure for humankind. When Engels referred
to Karl Marx's work as "a guide for action", he was
acknowledging that the Marxist legacy constitutes
something alive, which evolves and is enriched through
others' thought, work and experience.

This international conference aism to apply Marx's
work for understanding the current world order whilst
envisioning innovative and revolutionary ways to define
a new and more equitable world. Those attending the
conference will contribute to the progressive thought
of the 21st century and will become conscious of the
need for a daily revolutionary practice, which is both
a foundation and a result of the unique relationship
between dialectics and science. The conference invites
those individuals and organisations considering the
individuals' self-realization as premise and result of
social progress. Contributions are sought in the form
of papers on the themes listed below: Theme 1: Limits
and contradictions of current capitalist thought and
the new forms of revolutionary action Theme 2: Limits
and contradictions of the socialist experiences during
the 20st century; elements for improving the socialist-
freeing paradigm. Within these themes, a range of
different topics such as the Communist Revolution,
Contemporary Syndicates Movements, Under-development
and Capitalism, Globalisation and Sustainable
DEvelopment, Latin America and the United States,
Property and Social Development etc, are expected to be
covered. Submission of contributions (Abstract and
Synopsis of papers):31 January 2003. Enquiries to: Dr.
Jesus Garcia Brigos. Coordinator del Comite Cientifico,
Instituto de Filosofia del Ministerio de Ciencia,
Technologia y Medio Ambiente de Cuba,
jpastor at infomed.sld.cu

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