anti war work (was re: A question from Phil

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Fri Nov 29 06:15:55 MST 2002

Two footnotes:

I think the context of the discussion makes it clear, but given the other
posting on the list, I want to say that I am speaking here of the antiwar
movement in the United States and demands to be raised in the United States.

Although I make some comments about ANSWER's efforts for the mid-January
activities, I want to make explicitly clear that I do not view what appears
to be the lack of as high degree of consciousness on inclusiveness as a
particular weakness of ANSWER's, but rather a generalized shortcoming which
is manifested in multiple ways, as the other example I give, involving a
wide range of forces, including some of those I think it would have been
good to involve in discussing possible King Holiday national protests, was
meant to illustrate.


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