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>Subject: [Fwd: strike activity & ssp]
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>Subject: strike activity & ssp
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>.... keep up the solidarity work and SSP strike intervention
>...... from Richie Venton - SSP industrial organiser ... 27.11.02
>We had an absolutely brilliant Glasgow SSP solidarity rally for the FBU
>and north glasgow hospital strikers last night. About 250 there, with big
>numbers of firefighters present and a good minority of the NHS workers.
>The impact of the party amongst the strikers shows all the advantages of
>one socialist party, with a clear strategy and tactics. It also vindicates
>totally the stance of the SSP on the political fund, with sweeping
>conclusions about breaking the link with new labour running through the
>FBU, and other unions, as shown by phil mcgarry's speech (RMT scottish
>This note is to ask you to ensure a few immediate steps:
>* visit the pickets with the new issue of the scottish socialist voice -
>with front page and centre pages on fbu - we have agreed to give them free
>to strikers
>* step up the efforts of our comrades in workplaces and community groups
>to call meetings with fbu and hospital strikers speakers - and to hold
>collections/appeal for union donations
>* ensure frequent ssp stalls with ssp material, petitions, the voice
>* SSP branches look at well-prepared local public meetings with strikers
>and an SSP speaker
>* For Glasgow Region, I will notify you of the next Glasgow Support Group
>meeting in the next few days - designed for practical coordination of
>solidarity meetings, collections, etc
>* all our trade unionists should move resolutions calling for a scottish
>day of action - at least in the public sector - in support of the fbu strike.
>I have discussed this with the fbu scottish leadership, who agreed with
>our proposals and are planning more in-depth discussion on it in their
>Of course the best would be if the stuc and/or a collection of left union
>leaders defied the anti-union laws and called for a one-day or half-day
>strike. We should argue for this, but recognise other options in that
>direction might be more realisable and would at least demonstrate solidarity.
>One option is to call at least lunch-time rallies in all cities and major
>towns on the same day of action, allowing organised strikes where health
>and safety issues have been pursued through the union - or at the very
>least allow workers take an extended lunch-break to attend.
>We have also discussed different options on a Scottish demo with the FBU -
>they are receptive to our suggestions and will be deciding which of a few
>options - I will let you know as soon as they make a decision, so we can
>build for it.
>* Finally, a repeat appeal for you to send me details of any FBU members
>who have agreed to join the SSP - or even to consider it - so I can try to
>involve them in the party's activity to the maximum, including in the
>production of our (well-received) SSP Bulletin, the Firefighters' Voice -
>which we will do a new edition of for next week's planned strikes (4th to
>12th December).
>Keep up the excellent work.
>Richie Venton

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