Over 10,000 rally against war in Sydney

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Fri Nov 29 21:20:35 MST 2002

AAP. 30 November 2002.  Thousands march in anti-war protest.

SYDNEY -- Thousands of people marched through central Sydney today to
protest against Australia's possible involvement in a military attack on

The rally was part of a national day of action also involving major
protests in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane.

Protesters gathered in Town Hall Square shortly after noon (AEDT) and
marched to the Domain about half an hour later.

ACTU president Sharan Burrow told demonstrators before they set off that
Australians needed to send a clear message to Prime Minister John Howard
that it was not acceptable for Australia to be dragged into military
action by a US-led attack on Iraq.

"We must not confuse the need to rid ourselves of terrorism with a
pre-emptive strike on Iraq ... (it's) a threat to world peace that must
be resisted," Ms Burrow said.

She said federal government laws which allowed Australia to "bomb the
shit out of anybody" were just not acceptable.

The ACTU was taking a prominent role on the issue because working men
and women and their families were the victims of war around the world.

The protesters, estimated to number more than 10,000, carried banners of
all shapes, colours and sizes.

One depicted the red and white colours of the logo used by fast food
chain KFC.

The words "unlucky fried children" featured prominently in bold print on
the banner with caricatures of both Mr Howard and US President George
Bush on either side.

Underneath the bold print were the words "arse lickin' good!" in a
reference to Australia's strong support of the US in the war on
terrorism and threatened military action against Iraq.

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