Fidel and Latin America: Then and Now

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Sat Nov 30 05:35:25 MST 2002

Cuban President Fidel Castro's current
visit to Latin America comes at a crucial
moment in the continent's evolution.

Lucio Gutierrez' election in Ecuador, Lula's
triumph in Brazil, the significant showing by
Evo Morales in the Bolivian presidential
campaign, and Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez continues to demonstrate
among the people of his country have
clearly demonstrated a broad political
evolution to the left in this troubled region.

Who could have predicted this swift and
extensive change now unfolding?

Well, we know of one key Latin American
leader who pointed in exactly this direction,
and many years ago: Fidel Castro the
young leader (in his early THIRTIES) of
the Cuban Revolution, while touring
Latin America in May 1959.

>From the University of Texas LANIC
archives I've located the wonderful and
prescient speech Fidel gave in Buenos
Aires on May 2, 1959. Please take the
time to read the speech through (it's a
long one, given extemporaneously).
The analysis Fidel put forth at the time
remains largely valid today. I haven't
the time to provide a summary of many
highlights of the speech, but strongly
urge you to read it through.

To facilitate, it's also posted it to the
FILES section of CubaNews list from
which you can download it in Word
format where it is now available. It's
eight pages and seven thousand
words. Trust me, you'll enjoy it and
perhaps pass your copy on to others.

Working on the same laptop I use in
Los Angeles, but with only a dialup
connection to the internet, I've not
been able to share as much of the
news and information as has been the
usual practice, and I'm sorry about that.

This is particularly important given the
reactionary mobilization which has been
called by the opposition in Venezuala for
next week. I've been collecting some of
the more interesting materials about it
this week. Imagine: members of the
Venezuelan armed forces, in uniform,
publicly calling for the ouster of the
commander in chief, and going, as yet
unpunished. These people are digging
their own political, if not literal, graves
by their disloyal or even treasonous
behavior. They're so far out of line
that even Washington has expressed
a few words of dismay.

Finally, I hope to share with readers
some VISITOR'S NOTE on Cuba as
I'm seeing it on this my fifth trip to this
Pearl of the Caribbean as an adult.


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