Cuba reiterates anti-AIDS proposal at summit

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Sun Sep 1 15:28:31 MDT 2002

Um.. hi,

Usually, I'm perfectly content to just lurk and read on this mail list, but now I'm curious, so I have to ask- how about gay issues in Cuba?
   I'm glad Cuba seems to be pursuing an enlightened, humane AIDS policy, and, God knows, Cuban health-care policy in general- relative to its economic resources available for it- makes ours here in the U$A look- well- sick. But I honestly wonder about how effective any AIDS policy can be in a homophobic political environment.
   I'd love a good answer. Before you jump my sh*t, though, I have to admit I really don't know much about it. I'm legitimately curious. I have red sympathies and personal queer politics by default. They've clashed before. Must they, necessarily?

Bryan in Colorado

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