Cuba reiterates anti-AIDS proposal at summit

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Sun Sep 1 16:10:18 MDT 2002

The short answer is that Cuba
has the lowest HIV-AIDS rate
on the planet, and not due to
their homophobic aspects,
which are less than they have
ever been. Many changes
have been made in government
policy in Cuba, but you can't
legislate away fear and stupidity.

All recent news articles about
the skyrocketing rates of HIV-AIDs
in the caribbean have the proviso
added that their statistics don't
include Cuba where the rates of
infection are extremely low.

If you were on the CubaNews
list which I moderate you'd be
receiving information this from
time to time, but regularly.

A month ago I saw a Cuban
short feature, made and shown
widely on the island, called
VIDEO DE FAMILIA, which is a
coming out story with a highly
positive resolution.

This spring there was a French
film festival with a series of
films from France being shown
all over the island. One of the
hottest titles was LE PLACARD
(The Closet), the wonderful film
with Gerard Depardieu and many
other famous people, a comedy
about a man whose job is at risk
and who, to protect his job, has
false allegations spread that he
is gay (he isn't). The company
is thrown in to a comedic uproar
and, well, perhaps you can rent
this movie.

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Cuba reiterates anti-AIDS proposal at summit

I honestly wonder about how effective
any AIDS policy can be in a
homophobic political environment.

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