Jordanian troops in Bethlehem

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Sun Sep 1 18:09:14 MDT 2002

This is from, an Israeli source. It would appear the Americans are bringing in the Jordanians to contain the Palestinian struggle.

2 September:  In a pivotal through unannounced development last week, 300 troops of the Jordanian Armys Palestinian Al Bader Brigade crossed the AllenbyBridge into the West Bank as the harbingers of the US program for displacing the Palestinian Authoritys terror-tainted security force operated by Yasser Arafat. According to DEBKAfiles military  and Palestinian sources, within 24 hours of its arrival, the vanguard Jordanian force took charge of security in the Bethlehem-Beit Jala-Beit Sahur area abutting south Jerusalem, deferring directly to the new Palestinian interior minister Gen. Abdel Razzek Yahya and collaborating with US CIA and Israeli liaison officers.

Our sources report that they crossed over in civilian dress bearing Jordanian passports. In Bethlehem, they were outfitted with Palestinian police uniforms, weapons and communications equipment. The new arrivals came with their commanders, Jordanian crown officers of the al Bader Brigade, known also as the Palestinian Liberation Army. Their immediate mission was to take the place of Israeli military units in preventing cells of Arafats Force 17, Tanzim and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades from carrying out terrorist attacks against Israeli targets. They are also there to impede the infiltration of Palestinian terrorist cells from the West Bank into the Kingdom of Jordan and keep the peace in the Palestinian areas under their control.

The arrival of the Jordanian-Palestinian contingent
brings to fruition the DEBKAfile July 22, 2002 disclosure of a dramatic process initiated in Washington for the phased transfer of security-intelligence control over West Bank Palestinians from Arafats Palestinian Authority to the Kingdom of Jordan, a transition to be coordinated closely with Israel.

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