(UK)SWP, CANF - spot the difference

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 1 21:25:00 MDT 2002

It should come as no surprise that
the ISO is anti-Cuba as so many
groups on the left are. They don't
make a point of it. In fact, because
Cuba is popular among radicalizing
people, they tend to downplay the
anti-Cuba views they hold, but it is
fundamental to who they are.

Here is the WHERE WE STAND
from the ISO of the US, as to its
position on Cuba:

"The experience of Russia demonstrates
that a socialist revolution cannot survive
in one country. China and Cuba, like the
former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc,
have nothing to do with socialism.
They are state capitalist regimes which
oppress and exploit workers. We support
the struggles of workers in these countries
against the bureaucratic ruling class."

In other words, this means that the ISO is
a completely typical Shactmanite third camp
grouping so they favor the overthrow of the
Cuban government. (They don't use the
term "regime change", but that's what their
view means, from a political viewpoint.)


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