FW: An open letter to Dr. David Hartman

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Sep 2 08:39:07 MDT 2002

Professor Clark wrote:

>Mr. Proyect,
>Thanks for giving the rest of us good examples of both how you read and how you edit.
You are quite welcome, I'm sure.

>I especially appreciate your inclusion of the link to the article by David Hartman, and am struck by how differently he actually sounds there from your portrayal of how he sounds.  Hartman is/was wrestling there with immensely painful realities which, you correctly point out, have heavily impacted peace movements in Israel.
Yes, we had the same phenomenon in the USA in the late 1960s when many
liberals in Congress agonized over the Vietnam war while voting for war
appropriations. People like David Hartman are understandably upset by
the violent resistance of the colonized, but this is unlikely to go away
any time soon.

> Your logic is badly flawed, though, in jumping from that to lumping him with "the ham-fisted, apartheid policies of the current regime" or with "a racially and religiously exclusivist ideology."  Your critique of the latter is on-target, I think, but that's simply not where Hartman happens to be, and your attempts to salvage your errant "open letter" to him don't work on that score.
I guess this is your way of saying that you have nothing substantive to
say on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict other than that you, like David
Hartman, support more understanding and respect. Those kinds of words
are hollow when deployed on behalf of the colonizer.

>As for my material which you found "disgusting," I was struck by your next sentence which claims, "The real issue is not whether Jews have to leave the country, but whether they will agree to stop humiliating the Palestinian people" -- which was precisely the point of my "disgusting" comments.  Make up your mind.
>Denny Clark
>Albertson College

The point of my comments is that American Indians were victims of
genocide like the Jews. When David Hartman mocked their land claims in
the same spirit as AM hate radio celebrity Rush Limbaugh, I thought he
had to be answered. Anybody capable of seeing Palestinians in such terms
is already guilty of humiliating them de post facto.


Louis Proyect

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