: (UK)SWP, CANF - spot the difference

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at virgin.net
Mon Sep 2 12:05:41 MDT 2002

Reading the Revolutionary Communist Group's polemic about the British SWP's
criticisms of Cuba, it should be noted that they relatively recently became
Johnny-come-latelies fans of 'actually existing socialism', having
originally been a relatively orthodox Trotskyist split-off from the SWP's
previous incarnation, the International Socialists. I first noted this back
in the late 1970s, when, as a supporter of a split from the RCG, I noticed
that they were issuing strangely positive statements about Brezhnev's Soviet
Union. This seemed a strange career move for anyone to make, as the Soviet
Union was showing increasing signs of slowing down and even seizing up.
Nonetheless, undeterred by events in the Soviet Union, they carried on along
this path, until the Soviet state collapsed and they were forced to find
some other 'socialist homeland' to which they could show fealty, and perhaps
even pick up the British franchise.

Well, I guess promoting Cuba is a lot, lot better than promoting North
Korea, which is where the ultra-pro-Soviet New Communist Party has ended up,
but the RCG's equating of left-wing criticisms of the Cuban regime with that
of the right-wing anti-communists is just the sort of sneaky and invalid
comparisons that the RCG's forebears in the 1930s used to make about
non-Stalinist left-wingers when the latter were criticising aspects of
Stalin's regime.

Paul F

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