Sinn Fein strategy

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Sep 2 16:57:54 MDT 2002

Declan Kearney's address (as posted by Donal) stated:

> For example, we will have to adapt to managing the Six-County economy in all
> its aspects for the foreseeable future. This means finding the money from a
> dwindling pot to fund the ministries we manage. In time, if and when the
> legislative, political and practical conditions are fully met, we will have
> to assume roles in the oversight of the Six-County policing service. And,
> with growing political strength and continued diffusion of 26-County
> political forces; according to the right strategic circumstances, the party
> may face the prospect of sitting in coalition government in this state also:
> with all the institutional implications this scenario would bring.

And so we get to the heart of the matter of what is meant by 'Preparing
for Power' and what lies underneath the rhetoric of an 'Ireland of Equals'.

It is administering the existing socio-economic system - capitalism -
north and south as part of coalition governments.

Just good ole Labourism really, with a green figleaf.

Not exactly what John Joe McGirl dedicated his life to - let alone Connolly.

Philip Ferguson

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