FW: An open letter to Dr. David Hartman

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Mon Sep 2 15:09:59 MDT 2002

I have already commented to Lou off list on his letter on Hartman.  Quite
simply it was magnificent.  Jews like Lou are now the conscience of their
people. While those liberals, who like to think themselves the conscience
of the whole world, prevaricate and agonize and act as if the conflict in
Palestine is happening to them, in reality the slaughter of Palestinian
continues.   The 'dirty business of Zionism' is being carried on at a great
rate.  Every filthy reactionary knows this and applauds it.  In a way they
and the butcher Sharon are infinitely more honest than the Liberals who are
squeamish but do nothing.  Just like those who lived down wind from
Auschwitz,  they complain about the smell but do not lift even a finger to
prevent the killings.



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