(UK)SWP, CANF - spot the difference

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Mon Sep 2 23:53:29 MDT 2002

Seref, you must admit that it would be sort of stupid for a socialist to
recommend the CANF website as a source for a critique of Cuba.

As for workers power, certain changes in Cuban political processes
indicate an increase in workers democracy despite the increasing
assault of US imperialism and the tightening encirclement of
world capitalism.

As for internationalism, my friend, Cuba has an exemplary history
of solidarity with other peoples around the world.  It is nonsense
to suggest that Cuba's revolution is dedicated to socialism in one

In the ongoing struggles against capitalism, we must be en garde
against bureaucratic ossification, but notions such as "state
as applied to Cuba today, (I suggest) are almost beside the point.

Cuba is under seige.  What is your position on the blockade?

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