Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Tue Sep 3 00:11:17 MDT 2002

I just answered what I thot was a private note from Phil onlist, not that
there was anything private in it, just the weirdness of my publicly replying
to his public post urging him to make it public.

For some reason my mail filter seems to have failed, and Phil's note showed
up in my personal inbox rather than the marxmail folder.

In case the my note to Phil gets ensnared by the marxmail filter that
detects and bounces posts with undeleted stuff, here's what I told Phil:

*  *  *

Thanks, Phil.

I'd love to see a copy of that piece. Is it posted anywhere?

I think your footnote on my overbroad rhetoric is quite well worth thinking
about. Have you considered sending it to the list? Everyone knows I was just
being rhetorical, and actually hadn't checked the position of every one of
the 150 or 200 or so other countries around.


PLEASE clip all extraneous text before replying to a message.

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