Sept 11 research/action project

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Tue Sep 3 02:54:53 MDT 2002

Perhaps Comrades on this list may have some dates to add. I'll forward
them on.


> Hi,
> With the upcoming anniversary of  Sept 11, I would like to compile
> a reminder list of all other international tragedies, in which the US
> has played its part - and would like to publicise a suggestion that we
> have commemoration days for these events too. So I am looking
> to compile an almanac of the days of the year on which we should be
> remembering the victims of US foreign policy, with approximate estimations
> of the numbers of people affected for each day.
> I'm sure you have got a fair bit of info in this regard, and wold welcome
> your assistance in putting it together - currently I only have half a
> such "days" that I have all the details for. I'm happy for Green Left to
> take it on as a propaganda exercise - the final product could be published
> in Green Left, plus send around various discussion lists etc for people to
> then cut and paste in to their email address books and promulgate in a
> personal fashion. It could also be sent to other alternate media, and
> mainstream media letters to the editor sections etc.
> I remember seeing a similar email about 9 months ago, based on
> that if we spent a minute remembering the 3,000 dead in the WTC, then we
> would need squillions of hours to recall all the victims of US foreign
> policy - and a list with calculations was presented. It was very
> and a well constructed list of the kind I'm suggesting should go some way
> developing or shifting awareness of the magnitude of US crimes in this
> regard, and the hypocrisy with which they only remember their own.
> What do you think? Are you interested in it as a small project? If so,
> please contact me ASAP to liaise. If not, can you send me what info you
> re dates to add to the list, and please suggest left discussion groups I
> could contact for further info, and for distribution once the list is
> complete.
> cheers
> John Rice
> Adelaide

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