FW: Saudi Princes to Strangle Israel Economically

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Tue Sep 3 03:25:06 MDT 2002

First, they said no to America. Now, they say no to Israel

The diplomatic activity of Saudi Arabia has increased over the recent couple
of weeks. They Saudi government has recently said no to the USA to a war
Iraq. Today, Saudi Arabia is dealing with America’s Mideast ally: Israel.

The Saudi government published a black list last month. This list includes
Arab and Western countries that import or resell goods of Israeli origin.
Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Assaf stated that customs officers will
inspect all imported freight in order to prevent the delivery of the “banned
goods” (i.e., Zionist goods).

Saudi banks received an instruction from the Finance Ministry to thoroughly
examine all accounts and invoices in order to prevent any goods coming from
Israel. These actions of Saudi Arabia against Israel are of an explicit

In addition, the “banned goods” include medicines. Saudi Healthcare Minister
Osama bin Abdul Majeed Shobkshi claimed that his department would deal with
the detailed examination of medicines, many of which could be marked as
in Israel.” Pursuant to the strict boycott, a true Saudi citizen must prefer
death to a Jewish pill.

Dmitry Litvinovich

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