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Tue Sep 3 06:55:00 MDT 2002

Since Alvaor Uribe Velez became president less than a month ago, things
have been moving fast here in Colombia. Uribe Velez's first act was to get
the new congress to vote a state of ermergency. Uribe velez is now the
constitutional dictator ruling by degree. Union contracts have been torn to
shreds, wage cuts and illegal layooffs imposed. Union leaders are recieving
daily telephone death threats. New war taxes have been imposed. Measures
against drug dealers have been lifted. Colombia's treaty with the new
International court has been suspended to give impunity for Colombian
soldiers, police, and foreign (i.e. US) military against accusations of
crimes against humanity before the international court.

Uriber Velez has sent the country into financial crisis, with bankers
saying the country is one month away from being the next Argentina.

Despite the state of emergency there have been strikes by city and national
government employees, and student demonstrations - all demanding the
resignation of Uribe Velez.

The center of the crisis of Colombia has moved from the counrty side into
the cities.

Please pay attention to this situaiton. together with Venezuela, Bolivia,
Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, colombia is entering into a period of
profound crisis that could become a key element in the world political

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect

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