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John F. Bargh ja at
Tue Sep 3 12:28:39 MDT 2002

I was musing over that e-mail this morning over coffee, and now that
I've arrived home, I've decided to comment.

The despicable, deplorable and utterly barbaric "war on Terrorism" is a
cause more than worthy of protest. Protests to note America's role as a
the international cowboy, beating up the little guys while serving their
own interests and still having the cheek to claim it is being done in
the interests of peace and prosperity.

However, I don't think September 11 is the correct date for these
protests. I think it's questionable to choose such a sensitive date to
make our political beliefs known - we risk alienating people from our
cause, rather than attracting them, no matter how good our intentions.
And we can certainly not afford to do that.

Furthermore, we have to remember that the victims of the September 11
attacks were not the American Government. They weren't any different
from any of us, and no matter how terrible the Government's reaction,
they weren't responsible for it. So, we should be taking a different
tack, not showing ourselves to be insensitive by hijacking such a date
to be the basis of our anti-war protests - which to the irrational ears
of the grieving might just sound as disrespect for their dead loved

The same goes for using September 11 as a launching pad for trying to
bring about other days to commemorate the dead at America's hands -
while it's a good cause, certainly, we should be appealing to the masses
by joining the rest of them in offering our respects to the dead. That
will earn us more support than appearing to be the ones laughing at a
funeral, and it would be nothing short of folly to assume that earning
the support of the masses is anything less than of the utmost

John F. Bargh
"Go on, get out. Last words are for fools who haven't said enough."
- Karl Marx's Last Words, to his Housekeeper.

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